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Black Knight

Black Knight Ez Balls

Black Knight Ez Balls

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These are by far the best beginners squash ball out there. Black Knight's EZ Squash Balls provide a much greater bounce than a standard squash ball making them a great choice for beginner squash players that don't get very many rallies using a ball that doesn't bounce very high.

Black Knight EZ Ball is not designed to replace the traditional squash ball. It is designed to get new and low level players playing and enjoying the sport while getting a workout they wouldn't achieve beginning with a traditional ball. Eventually, these players can migrate to the traditional ball.

 - All the shots used in squash (Serves, Drives, Boasts, Drops and Lobs) can be achieved with the EZ Ball.

- The EZ Ball is easy to see with it's bright orange color.

- No need to 'warm' up and keep the EZ Ball warm in between points.

- Great for parents that want to get their children involved in squash.

- Provides a change of pace for experienced players.

- Approximately 2¼" diameter.

- 3 balls per package.


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