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Arena M Carbon Air2 Jammer Blue-Drk Grey-Fluro Yellow

Arena M Carbon Air2 Jammer Blue-Drk Grey-Fluro Yellow

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Arena M PWSKIN Carbon Air2 Jammer Blue-Drk Grey-Fluro Yellow

Your racing experience is about to get faster with our Powerskin Carbon-AIR² Jammers. Arena's newest men’s competitive tech suit has an innovative external one-piece construction and new lining design for maximum speed, comfort and flexibility. Like our classic Carbon Air swimsuits, it’s crafted from an ultra-lightweight fabric with horizontal carbon bands for intelligent muscle compression. This FINA-approved style smoothes the body into a streamlined shape from the waist to the knees with the added benefit of no stitching for zero chafing and dragging. Elite swimmers love this swimsuit for its ease-of-wear, unrestricted movement and second-skin feel.

Carbon Air² Jammer features two main improvements:

  • The internal lining is designed in 3 separate panels, offering enhanced freedom of movement with less weight.
  • The new one-piece construction gives the suit a better fit and feels like a second skin.

The Carbon Air² Jammer is made from the same proven woven fabric as the original carbon-air, including horizontal carbon bands, so all the benefits of the fabric are retained: lightness, compression, low drag. Together, all these attributes combine to make the new Carbon Air² lighter, more flexible, and more comfortable.

  • Comfortable Compression
    Integrated horizontal carbon bands lockdown at a critical stretch point to provide compression on overextended zones, core stability and power when and where it's needed. 
    The result is a lighter form of intelligent compression with the comfort of a second skin.
  • Internal Lining
    The 3 separate panels give greater freedom of movement. In theCarbon Air² jammer, it reduces pressure on the hips and improves flexibility around the hip flexors. With less internal lining, the jammer absorbs less water, thus reducing drag and improving glide.
  • One Piece Construction
    Made from just one piece of fabric, the Carbon Air² has only one bonded seam at the back, which offers supreme comfort and reduces any potential restrictions of movement since there are fewer pressure points on the body. In addition, the absence of multiple seams means that the suit absorbs less water, resulting in less drag and an advanced hydrodynamic effect that helps you glide cleanly through the water.
  • FINA Approved for competition use
  • Code: 001130.853

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