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Arena Women's Multicolor Stripes Challenge Back One Piece

Arena Women's Multicolor Stripes Challenge Back One Piece

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The new womens Multicolour Stripes Challenge Back One Piece Swimsuit has been designed with a multicoloured and black pattern. The challenge back swimsuit is part of Arena's free back swimsuit range, this range from Arena has combined thin and thick straps and a wide back opening, giving you maximum freedom of shoulder movement and reduced drag for improved glide.

The Stripes swimsuit is non-restrictive making it perfect for all training drills, it's high leg cut provides style and comfort for you during your long hours in the pool.

The challenge back swimsuit is designed using Arena's Maxlife 100% polyester. This material is an exclusive from Arena having 100% PE fabric that guarantees maximum resistance to chlorinated water. Max Life PBT construction is a specifically engineered PE yarn that provides excellent elasticity. It priovides more than 240 hours of usage Max life will still keep almost 95% of its original characteristic.

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