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Arena The One Junior Goggle - Violet-Pink-Violet

Arena The One Junior Goggle - Violet-Pink-Violet

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All kids and parents want the same qualities in a pair of goggles. Comfortable to wear, awesome vision, zero leaks and a perfect fit. Look no further than Arena's new "The One" goggles.

Arena has studied the similarities between faces to design these universal kids’ goggles. They have special seals using their Orbit-Proof Technology.

Arena designed the seals to avoid areas around the eye socket that interfere with suction. That way they’re watertight on any face.

The wide hard lenses offer panoramic and lateral vision so your child keeps clear of stray arms and legs in a busy pool.

For maximum comfort this smart design has a one-piece construction with embedded lenses and clips that are a cinch to adjust.

Shaped like Arena's sleek Cobra Ultra goggles.

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