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Arena Men's Destiny Jammer Black-Yellow Star

Arena Men's Destiny Jammer Black-Yellow Star

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MaxLife (54% polyester and 46% PBT) is a revolutionary fabric designed to provide swimmers long-lasting comfort and performance. This fabric is made of innovative polyester and is 100% chlorine resistant. Max Life is the successor to the material Waternity. This is a flexible material that fits perfectly on the body and allows optimal freedom of movement. The fabric resists tearin, has a smooth surface, soft to touch and offers excellent protection against UV rays.

These swimsuits are only partially lined with a thin layer of fabric in the front. The lining does not cover the entire front of the swimsuit.

The swimwear have elasticated waistband for better tightening and comfortable wearing.

The fastening string guarantees comfort. You can fasten the swimsuit by the string and you don't have to worry anymore that the swimsuit will fall down when you jump in the water.

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