Stability Disc


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      The Stability Disc, also known as a balance cushion, wobble cushion, balance disc or balance cushion is an inflatable round cushion which is strong enough to stand or sit on, and when doing so gives an unstable surface. It is used primarily to:

      • Improve rehabilitation after injuries or surgery involving the leg
      • Strengthen the core stability muscles to help decrease back pain
      • Preventative injury exercises to help strengthen muscles around joints and to te strengthen your core. 

      Strengthening Core Stability & Decreasing Back Pain on a daily basis is simple by using your Stability Disc 

      By simply sitting on the stability disc on and off throughout the day encourages active/ dynamic sitting. The disc is placed directly onto the chair you use most often,  this provides a less stable sitting surface, which means that the body has to make continuous small movements to correct balance. These movements use and thus strengthen the deep core stability muscles which provide postural support to the body.

      A great, easy tool to have to continuously help with injury prevention.    

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