Belt Buddy Resistance Bands


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      Belt Buddy Resistance Bands are a 100% Natural Latex Exercise Band. 

      They can be used anywhere and are a great tool to have in your gym bag if you want a bit of a change from your normal routine. Great to use at home, before sports games and a fantastic piece of equipment to have with you when you travel due to size, weight and versatility. 

      Use the Resistance Band for both upper and lower body exercises or bring it into your dynamic warm-ups before training or going into a game. 

      Also fantastic for rehabilitation and can be used with other exercises to complement your rehab programme.

      The Resistance Bands help to activate the core as well helping to stabilize hips and shoulder joints. 

      The resistance of each band is determined by the thickness of each of the 100% Natural Latex bands, 

      Dark Blue Light Resistance is 0.8mm thick 

      Yellow Medium Resistance is 1.35mm thick 

      Red Hard Resistance is 1.6mm thick 

      Each resistance band is 50mm wide by 500mm full circle

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