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      Belt Buddy Power Bands add that extra bit of resistance to your workout that not only forces your body to perform better but ultimately provides lasting results. 

      Belt Buddy Power Bands are perfect for both men & women learning how to do pull ups, chin ups and much more. 

      They are ideal to develop muscle memory and will help you push through the reps that you struggle with in no time at all. 

      The Belt Buddy Power Band is made from quality latex material. Layers of tough rubber add a level of resilience and sturdiness that makes these bands last. 

      There are 4 bands to choose from, each with different resistance and power levels. Please select the band that best fits your fitness level and needs.  

      The thicker the band, the more assistance it gives for pull ups, chins ups, lunges, dead lifts, bicep curls, triceps extensions, stretching and a lot more exercises.

      As your skill and strength improve, you can move from power band to power band to add or decrease the level of resistance.

      If used for power lifting, the lighter bands are perfect for triceps and biceps exercises, while the thicker bands are helpful for squats, deadlifts and lower body exercises. 

      Each band is 208cm long. 

      They are prefect for traveling and can easily fit into gym bags, suit cases or even your back pack. 

      Colours and level of resistance below. 

      Small - Red 22-35kg 208cm 22mm

      Medium - Blue 45-55kg 208cm 32mm

      Large - Green 55-80kg 208cm 44mm

      Extra Large - Purple 80kg-105kg 208cm 64mm­

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