Jasi Long Fin Starter Kit


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      The Jasi Club Long Fin Starter Pack is perfect for any swimmer wanting to take that next step in their swimming journey. 

      For Jasi members we have put together a pack that will set you on your way. 

      The pack will include the following Arena pieces of equipment 

      - Pull Buoy 

      - Kick board 

      - Long Fins 

      - Club Colour Mesh Bag 

      All you have to do is choose which size fin you are and select if you would like your name put on the Arena Mesh Bag (extra $5 for custom name). 

      The kit will be delivered right to your door. 

      By choosing to buy the club kit this way you will be saving over $35. 

      Equipment information 

      Long Club Fin : Basic training Long fin, combines a long and stiff blade to develop a more accurate kick with a closed heel, providing ankles with maximum flexibility. Comes with black tips, printed arena logo coloured patches paired with sizes. Sizing is in US sizes. 

      Arena Club Kick Board : Immobilising the upper body by using the kickboard helps beginning swimmers develop proper kick techniques. Size 33cm long x 25cm width x 2.5cm thickness. 

      Arena Club Pullbuoy : This is great for the beginner swimmer to develop upper body strength with proper alignment in the water during your training sessions. Holding the pullbuoy between your legs to neutralise the kicking motion also allows you to concentrate on developing good form and arm stroke technique. 

      Arena Mesh Bag : you have to have a bag to hold all your new toys in. This mesh bag is big enough to store all your goodies as well as enabling water to filter through helping to quickly dry your equipment. Choose the option to customise your bag and get your name printed to make it easier to find your bag after training. 


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