Black Knight Hex Maverick Racket


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      The Black Knight Hex Maverick is an endorsed by Daryl Selby squash racket designed for smooth and fast striking experience and increased control from any position on the court. It utilises Hex frame for maximum strength reinforcement and substantial vibration reduction on each shot. The racquet also provides excellent responsiveness, consistency and added potential power due to a large head size of 490cm2, whilst the head light balanced frame ensures superior manoeuvrability. Additionally, there is the Thermal Core technology which provides superior durability of the frame, and the racket is shipped strung with the Ultranick 18 string – choice of Daryl Selby, in a 16x19 string pattern for more spin on each stroke. 


      • Endorsed by Daryl Selby
      • Head Size: 490cm2 (75.9in2)
      • Frame Weight: 130g (4.5oz)
      • Balance: Head light
      • Beam Width: 16-18mm
      • Length: 27” (685mm)
      • Strung with the Ultranick 18 string
      • String Pattern: 16x19
      • String Tension: 25-29lbs
      • Frame Construction: eXtreme Modulus Graphite (XMG), Hex Frame, Thermal Core technology
      • Grip: BK RAD Cushion grip
      • Full-length cover included




      BK Thermal Core Technology (squash and badminton): Carbon graphite rackets are hollow and must be pressurised internally while being heated and cured in the mould. With the BK Thermal Core process, superheated air is forced inside the racket so that the structure is simultaneously cured from the inside and outside for a flawless effect. This process strengthens and stabilises the frame, eliminating irregularities and producing consistent results from one racket to another, including greater durability and faster racket recovery during impact.



      XMG - Extreme Modulus Graphite - is a top tier standard of carbon graphite fibres that ensures: - lower vibration - higher durability - faster frame recovery during impact.



      Hex Frame Technology brings a super slim profile accompanied by an increase in frame strength as the frame has a hexagonal cross section structure. A much thinner profile drastically improves the aerodynamics and handling.

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