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Arena Swedix Mirror Goggle

Arena Swedix Mirror Goggle

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Arena Swedix Mirror goggles are the NEW racing goggles. They have a split lens which enhances forward vision and thus improves head and body alignment.


- Polycarbonate split lens

- Mirror coated lens

- TPR coating

- Lightweight

- Swedish type nose bridge


- Enhanced forward vision, improves head and body alignment

- Superior UV protection, outstanding look!

- Perfect seal

- Classic choice

LENS: PC (Polycarbonate) with mirror coating.

Hard lenses with superior optical properties ensuring perfect vision.


UV protection.


TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) coating ensuring perfect sealing and no water entry.


Rubber dual strap RFA (Racing Fit Adjustment). RFA provides a secure fit for expert swimmers who need a strong and tight fit to secure the goggle during the dive.

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