Aqualander Zen - Beach Shoe

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      Aqualander is the new benchmark among water shoes.
      Aqualander performance water shoes are the first water shoes designed to improve the thrust of your feet in any swimming style and that let you walk, run and dive in comfort.
      Aqualander enhances your swimming feeling, keeps the pleasure of natural swimming and makes you feel like a better swimmer.

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      Aqualander is a fantastic water shoe that allows you to walk over rough terrain on the way to the water. Weather it is to the beach, river or the swimming pool. 

      Aqualander has an anti-slip sole that helps decrease the opportunity to slip while walking to and from the water. It allows you to enter the water without having to remove your shoe and for you to swim as if you were just in your bare feet. 

      With the non-slip sole it is prefect to be used for Aquafit classes in your local swimming pool, helps grips the pools floor so you can get more balance, safely and confidential stretch further than if you were in bare feet.

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      Why Aqualander?
      With a lot of access to beaches a walk away, beach goers often need footwear to help get them across pebbles, rough terrain, dried sea weed, twigs, broken shells, blue bottles and even unfortunately rubbish. We can use the our jandals but often the surface under the water can be just as bad as on dry land. 
      Unfortunately all the beach shoes on the market don't care about hydrodynamics. So they are a drag while you swim and actually remove the pleasure of swimming freely.
      That's why we are excited to introduce the "Aqualander ZEN": A skin tight water shoe in a single mould of synthetic rubber, hydrodynamic projection, self-cleaning sole from sand,  which enables you to wear the Aqualander in and out of the water!

      Suitable for

      • Aqua aerobics
      • Lifeguards
      • Surfing
      • SUP Boards 
      • Kayaking 
      • River walking 
      • Sea swimming
      • Playing on the beach 
      • Rocky or pebbled beaches 
      • Fishing 
      • Boat Shoe

      In fact you could do all of the above and not have to take your Aqualander off! 

      When choosing a size please look at going down a size and half from your normal everyday shoes. As they need to be snug fitting. Size chart below.  


      Aqualander is completely different! walk, run, dive 'n swim better: seamlessly.

      • HYDRODYNAMICS - improves swimming performance, does not hinder like other shoes, keeps the feeling of free swimming not finned, makes you swim better and longer. Ideal for training
      • ANATOMICAL - wide plant, barefoot style, adherent to the foot for comfort and performance, side drainage holes, aeration slots calibrated for sports use, hydrodynamic ribs
      • Outer Material: Rubber
      • Sole: Gum Rubber
      • Closure: Slip-On
      • Heel Height: 7 millimetres
      • Heel Type: Flat
      • Material Composition: NBR Compound (no Phthalates, 100% recyclable)
      • Shoe Width: Normal
      • PROTECTION - protects from harshness and obstacles outside and inside the water, leaving the feeling of walking like barefoot
      • ADHERENCE - elastic, resistant and non-slip material. Sole with ball-point design with improved and self-cleaning grip
      • ECOLOGICAL - safe, environmentally friendly made with exclusive compound NBR rubber to European standard REACH, 100% recyclable, phthalate-free, vegan compatible. Design, development and production entirely MADE IN ITALY

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