• Product Description

      The Urban Quickwraps are an innovative product at Punch® Equipment.
      Urban Quickwraps allow you to quickly wrap your hands when you’re running short on time.
      Urban Quickwraps minimise time wastage when preparing for training, simply slip them over your hand & roll over the short length of wrap over your wrist.
      Now you’re ready for any boxing session.
      The Urban Quickwraps are ideal for those who are looking for a quick and easy option.
      They can also be hand washed and placed in the washing machine.


      Small size – Ideal for children and very small hands.
      Medium size – Ideal for teenagers.
      Large size – Ideal for most sized hands.

      Best Features

      • Padding across the hand
      • Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Pink
      • Easy on/off
      • No hand wrapping skill required
      • Stretch velcro wrist wraps


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