Arena Water Dumbbells


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      Arena Water Dumbbells 

      How water dumbbells can help you rock out in the water

      Water dumbbells provide a surprising contradiction when you compare them against their land-based counter-parts. These Water Dumbbells are made from a quick-drying EVA foam that is super light.

      The way that aquatic dumbbells work is that they take advantage of the water’s natural resistance—nearly 800 times denser than air. On top of this, aquatic dumbbells are extremely buoyant, which makes it challenging to keep them submerged, providing an added dimension of resistance.

      Water dumbbells are a killer way to get a great workout for those who want a strictly low-impact workout. Even for seasoned lifters and exercise-enthusiasts, working out in the water with water dumbbells is a whole different animal.

      Whether it’s because you are coming off injury, simply want to mix things up, or take it easy on your joints, Arena water dumbbells are awesome for working your back, shoulders, arms and chest, helping you get stronger and get in better shape.

      The Arena Water Dumbbells have a wide handle of 11cm which means you can easily fit your hand comfortably around the foam handle. 

      These come as a pair. 

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